Ready for this year’s inspection 😅

Every year in May there is an inspection of all allotments. They check the status of each plot and in case of problems they send a warning letter to the owner. 

Today it was finally a sunny day so we could clear all paths and remaining areas that were still full of weed.

There have been some freezing night temperatures lately so we still cannot plant much. We will wait another week or so, then the fun can start! 


Pimientos de padron, golden creek, kabocha


A few additions to this year’s plan: 

  1. Pimientos de padron: last year we planted them for the first time and had excellent results. They grow well in a shelter and are really delicious (just put them in a pan, add olive oil and salt, done 😌)
  2. Golden creek pimientos: this a different kind of pimientos, the seeds’ label says they should be less hot than padron… 
  3. Kabocha: I don’t know the exact name of the one we grow… But it’s a small Japanese pumpkin, similar to Hokkaido, dark green in the outside and orange inside. It’s sweet and perfect for soups and tempura

Asparagus ❤️

Ok, this is not Japanese 🇯🇵  stuff. I planted asparagus 3  years ago, directly from seeds. Last year we had the first harvest and this year it’s just fantastic, they are delicious! It’s actually a very easy veggie to grow as it does not require much care and it survives tough weather conditions. I am surprised that I am the only one growing asparagus at the allotment… considering that it is incredibly expensive at the supermarket 

Wasabi wannabe

This is wild wasabi, straight from Japan. I will keep this at home for a few more months and then plant it at the allotment with the other 4 plants I have. One of them is already 2 years old, next year it might be ready to be harvested. Wasabi loves shade and requires plenty of water.