2018! A transition year?

Last weekend was really nice and warm (25 Celsius!) so I decided to do a bit of clean up of the allotment. As I had done a decent job back in October, the place was actually in acceptable shape so I only had to invest 4 hours to get the job done ✅.

This year is going to be a tough one. We have a new member in the family and he is just 4 months old, so I won’t be spending too much time at be allotment.

I will then focus on low maintenance plants like edamame and pumpkins which will cover most of the surface, prevent unwanted weed, and just require watering!


Edamame soybeans, cucumbers 🥒 ,tomatoes 🍅, and eggplants 🍆 

As minimum temperatures reached 10 degrees Celsius, today I decided to transplant my tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, and eggplants which have been growing indoor since March 1st. 

I also planted one of my favourites: edamame soybeans! They are the perfect healthy snack and they can be kept frozen for years 👍. Harvest time is sometimes in mid-end September, before they turn yellowish.

Despite the recent cold weather and snow, strawberries 🍓 are in good shape and there is plenty of flowers which should turn into fruits quite soon.

Hopefully we will have a hot summer 🔥🔥🔥! 


It is important to harvest edamame at the right moment! The outside skin needs to have a bright green color while the seeds need to have grown to a satisfactory size. When the skin colour turns yellow and then beans turn black, it’s way too late! 

Provided that you picked them at the right time, you have 2 options: 

  1. Eat them straight away
  2. Store them in the freezer for future enjoyment

For either option you will first need to wash them thoroughly, cut off the edges (see picture) and then put them in boiling water for about 4 minutes in case you want to eat them straight away (just add some salt and you are done) or just about 3 minutes in case of long term storage. 

You can use a normal plastic bag for storing them in the freezer and enjoying them in the future. Once you remove them from hibernation, you will need to put them again in booking water for 3 minutes. Bon appetit! 

Rain Rain Rain

Yesterday I could finally go and do some work at the allotment. It’s been raining non-stop for 4 weeks and the minimum temperature did no go above 11-12 degrees Celsius… So almost everything we planted back in May did not survive. 

Tomatoes somehow managed to grow a bit, but they are still behind compared to a ‘normal’ season. 

I had to start from scratch with edamame and built a little shelter as in the next days the weather will be bad…

On a positive note, the grapevine that I planted last year is looking great and next Thursday summer eventually will start! (temperatures should reach 30 degrees Celsius)